Meet Our Team

Ron Koren 
Principal & Fiduciary Advisor,
Federal Retirement Consultant
Spencer Headshot.PNG
Spencer Ward
Wealth Protection &
Income Specialist

Ron Koren is a Principal and Fiduciary Advisor at US Retirement Choices LLC. Ron maintains licenses to assist clients with both insurance and investment needs, and has in-depth knowledge of the FERS/CSRS Retirement Systems and Program Benefits. Ron's focus is on helping Federal Employees understand and maximize their benefits, and build a comprehensive retirement plan around them. He has been helping Feds plan for retirement since 2016, and has guided many clients through the planning process during that time.  

Spencer Ward is our Wealth Protection & Income Specialist. His focus is on "safe money" investment strategies that allow our clients to protect their retirement nest egg from market volatility, while maintaining significant growth potential. Spencer is an annuity expert, and his familiarity with various types of annuity  vehicles has allowed many of our clients to create additional sources of guaranteed lifetime income, beyond their Government Pension and Social Security.

Scott Headshot.PNG
Scott Soares

Wealth Transfer &
Long-Term Care Specialist

Scott Soares is our Wealth Transfer & Long-Term Care Specialist. With over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, Scott's focus is on legacy planning and long-term care protection through the use of life insurance policies. His extensive knowledge of insurance concepts and companies has helped many families identify and qualify for policies that are the best fit for their unique planning needs. 

Heather Headshot.PNG
Heather Schreiber, RICP 
Tax & Social Security Specialist

Heather Schreiber is our Tax & Social Security Specialist.

She is a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®) with 25 years of experience consulting with and educating financial, tax and legal professionals using a holistic approach to retirement income planning. Heather's focus is on Social Security Timing, IRA distribution planning, and tax mitigation strategies.