What are our clients saying about us?

"I met Ron at a retirement seminar in Philadelphia. I have been to prior seminars, but this one resonated since I am in the 5-10 year window of retirement. I made a follow-up appointment with Ron, who met with me and provided great advice on retirement investments for my TSP.

I have done pretty well in my TSP investment, but the market was very volatile. Ron provided an alternative investment with security and growth. I am now invested with peace of mind that my TSP will be there when I need it!"

- Vanessa B.

"I feel like I made a very significant and valuable move in these uncertain times by becoming a client. Like many other Federal employees, I took a hands off approach to my retirement options but I soon learned that a heightened level of proactivity was in my best interest.  


From the beginning, Ron has unlocked information about retirement pitfalls and later, options for a safe and flexible retirement plan, that would have otherwise eluded me.   


They are very knowledgeable about the Federal retirement system and they are ready to respond to all of my questions at a moments notice.   Believe me, I kept them busy and they never wavered. Extreme responsiveness is important to any Federal employee when making weighty pre-retirement decisions. Without their support, I never would have been able to make the important decisions to protect and grow my retirement savings."

- Doris D.

-Francis P.

"Ron has been my financial advisor since March 2018. He provided me with expert, sound financial advice specific to my retirement needs. He updated my retirement portfolio so that it is more stable than it has been in 20 years. He persevered with his voluminous knowledge of finance, when a large, well known financial institution refused to give up an old account of mine.


Now, when the market takes a wild turn, I thank them and rest assured that my retirement future is as secure as it can be. Thanks Ron!"

- Doris D.